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    Charlotte (vendredi, 06 juillet 2018 09:33)

    Hy Laura. Please think about your french fans and come in France! We want To see and ear you singing � see you soon ! �

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    BADRO (samedi, 22 septembre 2018 13:34)

    LP, je suis en manque de toi ... quand reviens-tu nous voir en France et pas seulement à Paris ?

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    Estelle Iris (lundi, 03 décembre 2018 15:28)

    Hello, how are you?
    I hope fine. As a lot of people, I love so much your songs, thank you a lot. You're right when you said they could do good. They do. I enjoy your words, your musics, your voice and your mind so much.
    And what I like also is that you believe in God, perhaps that's why your songs are so beautiful and are full of life, even when they are sad.
    Have you got an email for your fans ? I would like send you the rest of my letter and a poem.
    Or a postal address : better for me because in my little village I don't pick up Internet.
    Thanks to sing about nice and profound feelings and thanks to God for having give you the most beautiful voice I hear now at the present time.
    There are other voices but with less mind, so as S. Gainsbourg said "they are as coffee : strong and exciting or stimulating, but quick pass or passed".
    Only nice feelings save people, and save the world.
    You are an example for me because you are with a fighting spirit, and even if life is not a " long quite river" and we can't be easy in our mind, even if "some wars can't be won" as you said in a song I love very much , if we keep on smiling, as you do, so they are won.

    You said in an interview that you could come and live in France : we would be greatly honored and very happy, ... hope in Provence, where there is the less rain and a very nice sun !
    When do you come back to sing in France ? Southern France ?
    Aix-en-Provence is a very nice little town, you know? The one of Paul Cezanne, with the Mountain Sainte Victoire..

    I end wishing you all the best things for you.
    Thanks a lot for singing and for the beautiful whistles : I would like an album just with only tunes whistled !
    (I understand why dogs run up at whistle !)

    Much love from Estelle
    (Estelle.Iris@francemel.fr. fr).
    Thank you to God for what you are.